Happy Chanukkah! and Merry Christmas!

Happy Chanukkah! and Merry Christmas!

So this brings us to the Merry Christmas vs happy holiday debate that is not complicated and is solved with basic etiquette. If you know someone is a Christian who is celebrating Christmas you should say to them ‘Merry Christmas.’ Likewise, say ‘Happy Hanukkah’ to a person you know is Jewish, etc.

To our Jewish friends, we wished a Happy Hanukkah; to our Christian friends, we wished a Merry Christmas; and to those whose observance we didn’t know, we said Happy Holidays. We never thought.

It's that time of year again and we are definitely starting to get in the spirit! We have so many new products, home-made goodies, and gift ideas.

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Rep. Patricia Morgan, R-Coventry, along with members of the House Minority Caucus, will introduce legislation next year to allow teachers to say "Merry Christmas" to students..

The Jewish families get Happy Hanukkah cards and the Christian families get Christmas cards. When we cross over, we go with "Happy Holidays." holiday family reads. hanukkah! by Roni Schotter and Marilyn hafner (lb kids, $8.99) Lots Of Latkes, A Hanukkah Story by Sandy Lanton and Vicki Jo Redenbaugh (Kar-Ben Publishing, $14.95)

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Hanukkah has passed, Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, and so are the rest of us thanks to all those cookies and Christmas pudding and Hanukkah gelt. I am always home for Christmas and will be again this year because my daughter Heidi and I celebrate early each year by traveling and.

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May you say, give and be given beautiful words during Christmas and Hanukkah. Then let us keep on giving them and spreading them all year 2017 long. Joy to you and yours! Love, hugs, kisses, presents, great food and drink, maybe snow, good health, safe travels, and more for you! I will be writing to you next week with a Happy New Year theme.

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Dear gentiles, when you say Merry Christmas and I say Happy Chanukah, don't cheapen it by saying, "Oh yeah, and Happy Kwanzaa or.

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