Maybe They’re Too Rich for Congress?

Maybe They’re Too Rich for Congress?

But this had not been enough to send Williamson to Congress. There is some frustration too with the expanding chorus of candidates crowding out their message. “Most of these people have no idea why.

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20 GOP Congress is still looking for direction from Trump The good news for the Trump White House is that it’s experienced its least controversial week over the last few days. Yes, that’s a low bar,


He will say we have a constitutional duty to do it if it was there and we didn't.. The right thing for the Congress to do is impeach.. David urban: epstein struck A Deal With Acosta "Because He's Rich And He's Connected". Several years ago some liberal group, perhaps it was Harvard Univ, reported.

Lucky or not, they’ve got a lot of control over our government. That’s an unjust but self-perpetuating spiral that endangers our democracy, our financial security, even the free exchange of news and information. And yet, one of their defining characteristics is their deep and abiding rage at the rest of the country.

it looks like Wilbur Ross lied to Congress over how he came to add a citizenship. who gets killed has more to do with race, wealth and the predilections of. for the win if his teammates retake the lead the next time they're at bat.. Maybe we could get somewhere if we started naming good policies after.

We held things together as long as we could, but unless we were going to become a permanent occupying force, and maybe even. from Congress for new U.S. military intervention in Iraq. They may agree.

We’re not poor, but we’re also far from rich. I do it because the trade-off is working an easy, low-stress job that I like and that gives me lots of flexibility and family time. If I had to work half as hard as the average member of Congress for my salary I would have left for a high-paying swampy job years ago.

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