Solar Impulse 2 lands in Spain after 70-hour transatlantic flight. » Mortgage Masters Group

Solar Impulse 2 lands in Spain after 70-hour transatlantic flight. » Mortgage Masters Group

‘Absolutely perfect’: Solar Impulse 2 lands in Spain Solar Impulse 2 completes Arizona-to-Oklahoma leg The flight, piloted by Swiss man Andre Borschberg, is expected to last 50 hours and 30 minutes.

Solar Impulse has taken off with the Swiss Pilot Andr Borschberg in the single seater aircraft from Nanjing Lukou Airport at 2:39 am local time China (06:39 pm UTC).

The Solar Impulse 2 aircraft passed the halfway mark of its marathon flight across the Atlantic late Tuesday, one of the most challenging legs of its historic sun-powered journey around the world.

After its inaugural journey from Hawaii to Silicon Valley in April, a plane that runs solely on solar energy just successfully landed in Seville, Spain, completing its first-ever trans-Atlantic.

The Solar Impulse 2 plane had arrived in Cairo on July 13 after a flight from Seville, Spain ( EPA ) Solar Impulse 2: Sun-powered plane takes off from Cairo on last leg of round-the-world voyage

Seville (Spain) (AFP) – The solar impulse 2 landed in Spain Thursday after completing a 71-hour flight from New York in the first "magical" solo transatlantic crossing in a solar-powered airplane.

The Solar Impulse 2 landed in Seville in southern Spain at 0540 GMT on Thursday, ending a 71-hour, 8-minute flight which began from New York City on Monday. It was the first time a solar-powered plane has made such a journey using zero fuel and zero emissions, organizers said.

History made as solar plane crosses Atlantic Industry news / 23 June 2016, 4:36pm / IOL Motoring Staff The Solar Impulse 2 approaches Seville, Spain, after three-days over the Atlantic Ocean.

The solar-powered Solar Impulse aircraft is preparing for a landing in Spain after. Solar Impulse 2 aircraft prepares to land in Spain after non-stop Atlantic flight. "Lindbergh's transatlantic flight marked a new area in aviation and. Solar Impulse 2 travels at 48 kilometers per hour (30 mph) although its.

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